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Difficult conversations… thanks FitzLife Podcast

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I’ve been struggling…

As I get ready to re-launch Plus Fitness with Tara and finish up my online fitness videos I keep running into a barrier – how to tell your (meaning mine) authentic story.

Because believe it or not – my life has many pain points.

And, between 1998 – 2000 I put my family, namely my Dad, thru a personal drama as I broke my own mind.

Anyone dealing with mental health knows that this is a lifelong journey to do the work – take the medication and do the therapy.

Since diagnosed in 2000 including a stay in a jail and mental health centre I have not had a relapse.

I am healthy.

I am capable of living my life.

My story is not unique – mental health is an ongoing process and my heart attack in 2019 made me realize I can survive physiological changes if I make my physical health as much a priority as my mental health.

So this year – it’s merging together in a perfect messy glob of weight loss, new friends and business.

So that’s my authentic story – I am a heart attack survivor and mental health warrior. And, this is the time for me to relay that to you – health is wealth.

Dad and I worked hard on our relationship and his support allowed me to graduate with an undergrad in Marketing and Management. HIs passing left a huge void in my life so I tried to fill it by running two different businesses. Now, I just acknowledge the space he left and work on myself.

So after my workout today I’m drinking my shake as usual and my coffee and enjoying time with my dogs. Life. Goes. On.

Happy Weekend.

Thanks Seymour Psychological Services and family/friends.

Tara C. MacDonald

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