Intro to Balance – Video 2 now available!

Thanks to everyone who reviewed the video last week – Video 2 of the Introduction to Balance 4 Week program is now up. Click here…

I’m asking for donations to Epilepsy Maritimes here in memory of my friend Jessica MacNutt, former CEO of in return for providing these videos. Small donations count!

These videos are an example of what I do with my clients and how we work together like on discovery (last week’s videos) about what to work on as coach and client, meditation, mindset, nutrition and movement.

If you want the movement videos please complete the waiver here and I will send you the movement video for this week.

I know Nova Scotia is strong. We’re experiencing trauma it seems weekly as 2020 unfolds into a year of challenge. Collectively, we are building our resilience and working on what we can contro. That is within our own power and part of healing. Spread kindness and love. Be the light.

I hope my videos offer some help. I’m also offering free REIKI sessions (energy healing) via Zoom during this time of covid-19 and you can book a session with me by emailing me at

Be the light

Tara C. MacDonald

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