Escaping Winter in Winter

Ahh… the sunshine. The heat. The tropical ocean waves. The sand in your toes… how to get to the happy place of yours that’s down south.

Many Canadians “Snowbird” for winter in the USA but for those of us working year round we take a week or two to flee the winter weather and go South.

Jamaica. Cuba. Dominican Republic. Anything Caribbean really…

Maybe a cruise so you just sit on that balcony and feel the ocean flow by you? Did you know that Virgin Voyages offers adult-only cruises? I hear my 50th Birthday calling me there.

But, what if you can’t go.

What do you do?

5 Tips on How to Escape Winter… in Winter!

  1. If you have a fireplace, get it cleaned and start using it. If you don’t, there is a video fireplace on YouTube that gives you the impression of a crackling fire. Sometimes ever the sound is enough to make you feel cozy. No fireplace – pull out the blanket, that video on YouTube and enjoy some hot chocolate.
  2. Book a spa day. Here in Nova Scotia, a lot of us go to the Sensea Nordic Spa near Chester, NS. If you can’t make it there, look around your home or community for a day spa. Book that treatment – take a friend and for a good hour ignore the weather.
  3. Create a movie day. Weather outside rotten but you still have power? Set up a watch party with your friends and binge watch movies. That’s what Netflix is for!
  4. Pick out a recipe book you have and get all the ingredients at the grocery store for a couple of recipes to try out. Have fun with it! See what you can make and how it tastes. Maybe get a new recipe book – Jamie Oliver has a great one-skillet book out now.
  5. If you can’t beat the weather – join in. By this I mean, if there’s a snowstorm, when it’s safe arrange a walk through the snow and ice at your local park. Bundle up tight with scarves and mittens. If it’s pouring rain, suit yourself up in rain gear and splash some puddles. Connect to what creates little moments of joy.

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