My “Why” – What’s yours?

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I often get asked how I do the things I do.  I have a busy life and I’m constantly educating and learning new things.  Partly because my fitness professional certification requires me to do so each year.  And the other part is because I love learning – when I was hospitalized I took a math class so I could stay fresh and have something to do while in the ward.

I’m not a huge extrovert.

I’m part of an events company – eWomenNetwork

But I enjoy staying home and cozying up with a good book, or movie or just listen to music.  My home is my temple.  My safe place.

eWomenNetwork though is more than just hanging out and catching up – it’s about creating connections and lifting as we climb through success and challenges we encounter in our professional lives.  It has a conference every August and as a Platinum member there’s a Summit every March.  Membership for Platinum opens up again in April 2023 and September/October 2023 potentially.

And as I coach women over the age of thirty five in their wellness looking into their goals and their habits I see a direct relation between their experiences of joy and satisfaction when their work lives are expanding.

But it starts smaller than that.  With me.  And not a linear progression.

It starts with me running as a kid in the park.  I grew up in London, England for nine years.  And I would run ahead of my Dad as he took me to the park and the playground in Hyde Park.  And he would catch up with me because I was red faced and out of breath.

Side note here – my Mom told me when I was young that was because I was fat and out of shape.  WRONG – I had asthma and it was the 80s and my parents had no business having kids.

But I digress.

So I would get to the swing set, catch my breath while I sat there and watch the other kids play like crazy on this playground.  And full on 1980s playground swings, carosels – no safety definitely dangerous and you were definitely going to hurt yourself on it somehow.  Even the sand pit was dangerous as some kids would pee in it… LOL

So while I sat and watched everyone else zoom around like nothing had happened I tried to breathe.

In and out.  Rasping breaths.  Pain in my chest.  Pink skin.

And after 15-20 minutes I would recover.

And then my Dad would push me on the swing and I would go back to playing.

But remember what I said – I was alone on the swing watching everyone else run around as though nothing was out of order.

Yet I was sitting there outside and looking at others.  This is when the comparison game started.

Oh, what can I tell you about the comparison game I played all my life until I actually wound up in the hospital for a mental health break.

Someone always fitter.

Someone always faster.

Someone always prettier.

Someone always more fun.

Someone always with a Mom who loved them…

And so on and so on…

Can you see how wild that comparison game goes?  I’m sure others can agree.  I still get trapped into it sometimes when I look in the mirror.  A lot of CPCC coaching occurs for sure when I feel that inner critic raise up and look at my body.

But then I had moments of huge joy such as my Dad pushing me in the swing so high the chain links would roll up and snap back as he’d get me as high as he could.  Best time ever!

Sometimes we need help

Sometimes hindsight really is 20/20

If I had known that there was an inhaler that would make team sports and gym class possible I would’ve taken it.  But I didn’t know.  And my parents didn’t explore it.  And neither did my gym teachers… and so on, and so on.

So if you have problems breathing I understand you.  I have exercise induced asthma and I relieve a traumatic experience every time it comes up.

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Yours in health, Tara

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